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Dyson Air Warp

Dyson Air Warp


Hair Stylist ™ Dyson's new Dyson Airwrap has a powerful digital engine, small, light and fast. The Dyson V9 digital engine is at the heart of our hair care technology. The 13-blade propeller rotates at a speed of up to 110,000 rpm and creates an air pressure of 3.2kPa. With a diameter of 27mm, it is small enough that we were able to place it in the handle, and adjustable for low noise. The designer uses the Kuanda effect - an aerodynamic phenomenon through which when air is pushed at the right speed, temperature and pressure, it moves naturally along the surface and captures the surrounding air. By doubling the Kuanda effect, Dyson engineers have been able to implement the phenomenon in hair styling. Hair Stylist ™ Dyson AirWrap uses the Kuanda effect to pull, curl and curl hair.

  • responsibility

    Two years warranty from the manufacturer

  • The case includes

    A variety of Dyson AirWrap design accessories:

    • Drying accessory: Prepares the hair for styling
    • Airwrap curler with a diameter of 30 mm: for curls with volume or waves
    • Airwrap curler with a diameter of 40 mm: for natural curls or waves
    • Rigid smoothing brush: for a smoother design and reduction of frizz
    • brush
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